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Sean O’Casey’s Juno and the Paycock in previews at the Royal George Theatre

- Potent mix of humour, drama and politics in one of the great plays of the 20th century -

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Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON (July 2, 2014)Juno and the Paycock, one of the most performed and highly regarded plays of the 20th century, is currently in previews at the Shaw Festival. Directed by Artistic Director Jackie Maxwell, The Shaw’s production of Sean O’Casey’s portrait of a family torn apart by the political turmoil and tragedy of the Irish Civil War features Mary Haney as Juno Boyle, the indomitable matriarch at the heart of O’Casey’s play. Jim Mezon as Captain Jack Boyle and Benedict Campbell as Joxer Daly also headline a cast that includes Andrew Bunker, Charlie Gallant, Corrine Koslo, Marla McLean and Gord Rand.

The oppressive world of the Boyle family’s two-room tenement flat in 1922 Dublin is created by designer Peter Hartwell and lighting designer Bonnie Beecher, with music composed by Paul Sportelli.

Known to his neighbours as the “paycock,” Captain Boyle (Jim Mezon) and his crony Joxer (Benedict Campbell) spend most of their time drinking and avoiding what little work there is on offer. Meanwhile, Juno (Mary Haney), the spirited matriarch of the Boyle household, tries to keep her family together even as it is being pulled apart by growing civil unrest. When the family learns of an inheritance from a distant relative, it seems like the gods are smiling on the Boyle family at last, but even as they celebrate, a dark shadow approaches.

About Juno and the Paycock
June 28 – October 12; Opening: July 25
Juno and the Paycock will be on stage at the Royal George Theatre (85 Queen Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake).

Cast: (in alphabetical order)

David Ball
Donna Belleville
Kenton Blythe
Andrew Bunker
Benedict Campbell
Charlie Gallant
Kyle Golemba
Mary Haney
Lorne Kennedy
Corrine Koslo
Marla McLean
Jim Mezon
Jennifer Phipps
Harveen Sandhu
Travis Seeto
Jay Turvey
Gord Rand
Second Furniture Removal Man
First Neighbour
First Irregular
Jerry Devine
Joxer Daly
Johnny Boyle
Juno Boyle
Needle Nugent
Mrs. Maisie Madigan
Mary Boyle
Captain Jack Boyle
Mrs. Tancred
Second Neighbour
Second Irregular
First Furniture Removal Man
Mr. Charles Bentham

Creative Team:

Jackie Maxwell
Peter Hartwell
Bonnie Beecher
Paul Sportelli
Allan Teichman
Ivory Neal
Lighting Designer
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager

The Shaw Festival’s 2014 season began April 4 runs until October 26 and features 10 productions presented on the Festival’s four Niagara-on-the-Lake stages. For more information on our 2014 season, performance schedule and ticket information, please visit www.shawfest.com or call 1-800-511-SHAW.


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