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The curtain rises on Shaw Festival’s 53rd season with previews of Arms and The Man

- Popular Shaw work the first of two featured in 2014 playbill -

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Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON (April 4, 2014) — The Shaw Festival 2014 season starts today with previews of Bernard Shaw’s Arms and The Man at the Royal George Theatre. Director Morris Panych returns to direct Shaw’s popular comedy about war and marriage and the many myths that surround them both. Longtime collaborators, set designer Ken MacDonald and costume designer Charlotte Dean, once again work their visual artistry. Lighting is designed by Jason Hand and original music composed by Ryan deSouza.

Photo by David Cooper

Graeme Somerville as Captain Bluntschli and Kate Besworth as Raina Petkoff in "Arms and The Man". Photo by David Cooper

Young Raina Petkoff (Kate Besworth), filled with noble yet romantic illusions of love and war, is betrothed to Sergius Saranoff (Martin Happer) – a man she believes embodies all the qualities of a war hero. One fateful night, Swiss mercenary soldier Captain Bluntschli (Graeme Somerville) climbs through her bedroom window and begs her to hide him. Reassured that he carries chocolate, rather than cartridges in his pistol case, Raina agrees. At the end of the war, the two soldiers return and new battle lines are drawn. The prize of this new conflict is the heart of the idealistic Raina.

The Shaw’s production of Arms and The Man also features Laurie Paton as Catherine Petkoff, with Claire Jullien as Louka and Peter Krantz as Nicola. Returning this season is Norman Browning as Major Petkoff.

About Arms and The Man

Arms and The Man was first produced in 1894 at London’s Avenue Theatre and was one of Bernard Shaw’s first commercial theatre successes. It premiered on Broadway in 1894 at the Herald Square Theatre, New York City, and has been revived on Broadway six times. This is the first production of Arms and The Man seen in the Royal George Theatre. It has previously been produced five times at The Shaw and was last seen at The Shaw at the Festival Theatre in 2006.

April 3 to October 18; Opening night: May 9
Arms and The Man will be on stage at the Royal George Theatre (85 Queen Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake).
Arms and The Man
is sponsored by Scotiabank.


Kate Besworth
Norman Browning
Martin Happer
Stephen Jackman-Torkoff
Claire Jullien
Peter Krantz
Laurie Paton
Graeme Somerville
Edmund Stapleton
Raina Petkoff
Major Petkoff
Sergius Saranoff
Russian Officer 2
Catherine Petkoff
Captain Bluntschli
Russian Officer 1

Creative Team:

Morris Panych
Ken MacDonald
Charlotte Dean
Jason Hand
Ryan deSouza
Alison Peddie
Susanne Lankin
Set Designer
Costume Designer
Lighting Designer
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager

The Shaw Festival’s 2014 season begins April 4, runs until October 26 and features 10 productions presented on the Festival’s four Niagara-on-the-Lake stages. For more information on our 2014 season, performance schedule and ticket information, please visit www.shawfest.com or call 1-800-511-SHAW.


About the Shaw Festival

The Shaw Festival is a theatre company inspired by the work of Bernard Shaw. We produce plays from and about his era and contemporary plays that share Shaw’s provocative exploration of society and celebration of humanity.

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