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2009 Niagara Year of Our Shared Waters Launches at Shaw Festival’s Documentary FLOW!

Media Bulletin #3

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario Canada, February 17, 2009… Wednesday, February 18, 2009 marks the launch in Niagara of the 2009 Year of our Shared Waters. This celebratory year of water opens with the showing of the documentary “FLOW: For Love of Water” to be held at the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake starting at 5:30 pm.

Fresh water represents less than 2% of all the water on the earth — much of which has been severely polluted through human activities. “FLOW: For Love of Water” highlights the vital importance of fresh water to all life forms and the severely threatened state of the water supply in regions around the globe.

With two Great Lakes and the mighty Niagara River, the cross-border Niagara region is blessed with an abundance of fresh water and a privileged history of binational governance and environmental stewardship. The cross-border Niagara region is now setting the stage to celebrate this history of binational governance with the Centennial Celebration of the 1909 Boundary Waters Treaty to be held on the Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls on June 13, 2009. Widely regarded as the first environmental agreement, the founding principles of the Boundary Waters Treaty continue to guide the Canadian and United States governments in their joint stewardship of transboundary natural resources. This event is being coordinated by a BWT100 Committee with Honourary Chairs, Rick Dykstra Member of Parliament, Congresswoman Louise M. Slaughter, Ted Salci, Mayor of Niagara Falls Ontario and Paul Dyster, Mayor of Niagara Falls, New York.

In celebration of the Centennial of the Boundary Waters Treaty, the cross-border Niagara region has designated 2009 as the Year of Our Shared Waters. Organizations across Niagara are organizing educational, cultural and recreational events to recognize, to learn about, and to honour our shared waters. Information on the Centennial celebration and the Year of Our Shared Waters is available at: www.oursharedwaters.com.

The final documentary in the Shaw Festival’s 2009 Festival Film Series, the presentation of “Flow: For the Love of Water” will open with comments about the Boundary Waters Treaty Centennial and the Year of Our Shared Waters by Kerry Mitchell of the Consulate General of Canada in Buffalo. Following the presentation of the film, Valerie Cromie of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority will speak about issues impacting the Niagara River watershed. 2009 is also the 50th Anniversary of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority. Admission to the documentary film is $10.


For information on the event:
Odette Yazbeck, Public Relations Director
Shaw Festival
1-800-657-1106 ext 222

For Information on the Niagara River water issues:
Val Cromie
Coordinator of the Niagara River (Ontario) Remedial Action Plan
Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

For information on the Year of our Shared Waters
Kerry Mitchell
Public Affairs Manager
Consulate General of Canada, Buffalo

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